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2006 Catering Kiosk

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Catering kiosk built in Germany by ROKA in 2006.

This unit is 6 years old and the interior is immaculate. The stainless steel is perfect and has a lovely smooth
leather texture.

This static unit was built to go next to HMS Victory and HMS Mary Rose in Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard.
As befitting for a site next to two of the UK’s most important historical treasures, the kiosk had to have
nothing but the best when built. There is now a new £38 million visitor centre opening at the site this year so
the kiosk is no longer required; this is a great opportunity if you have a site available for a catering kiosk.

You will see it is octagonal in shape. We have only used the front hatch for serving but both side hatches
can also open if required. It is 450cm wide and 240cm deep. Front hatch is 135cm long and the side hatch is

We have mains water fed in but it can easily run from a water container. Same for waste water.

We also have mains electric but it can easily run from a generator.

Its condition today is pretty much the same as it was when new. The exterior will obviously need repainting in
your colours and logos etc.

This unit has been used for crepes, ice cream and coffees but can easily be adapted for any food type. The
crepe machine, till and coffee machine are not fitted into the kiosk and are not included in the sale price.

Payment by bankers draft please. Buyer must arrange collection. It arrived on a flatbed lorry – we can
probably fork-lift it onto a vehicle if required. Collection to be week commencing 16th April.


Base Unit

  • Chassis:
    Electric Spec: Splashproof components
  • Galvanised steel frame
  • Torsion free
  • 4 wind out stainless steel corner jack for levelling and stability
  • Body:
    Octagonal steel frame
  • Aluminium sandwich external walls
  • Aluminium sandwich interior ceiling
  • 3 sales flaps including gas rams and safety struts
  • Security lock on all doors and hatches
  • Personnel door

22mm waterproofed plywood subfloor with glassfibre reinforcement and anti-slip finish.

Interior and exterior paint finish in White RAL 9010

  • Electric Spec:
    230v 3.5kw supply
  • Insulated housing for consumer unit with circuit breaker
  • 6 spots as interior lighting
  • 6 sockets and 1 on/off switch
  • Upgrade of electrical spec with additional sockets up to 32 amps
  • Exterior fittings:
    2 x removable PVC corner flaps for weather protection.
  • 2 colour exterior paint including one metallic colour
  • Folding stainless steel customer counter to front hatch
  • Folding stainless steel customer counter to one end
  • 2 x drop in stainless steel customer counter corner sections
  • Stainless steel fascia to front counter
  • Stainless steel fascia to one end
  • External door to rear of trailer allowing access to waste water tank
  • 2 x angled Plexiglass corner windows to front


  • Interior Fittings:
    12 low voltage spot lights/LED lamps mounted in sales flaps
  • 3 in each sort side and 6 to front
  • 12 low voltage spot lights/LED mounted to underside of overhead shelf
  • Aluminium treadplate flooring throughout
  • Overhead shelf to both long sides
  • Overhead shelf to both ends
  • Stainless steel sink 300mm x 500mm x 300mm
  • Corner counter with raised edge for draining
  • Double stainless steel doors below
  • 10 litre hot water boiler
  • Combi water system for mains and tanks supply. Waste water to be run into.
  • Undercounter tank accessed externally.
  • Tall stainless steel fridge.
  • Stainless steel counter to back wall with splashback
  • All cupboards with shelves
  • Undercounter handwash drawer with folding mixer tap
  • Water boiler, fresh and waste water tanks and soap dispenser
  • Stainless steel counter to one end with loweredcounter height,
  • Stainless counter to front wall with lowered counter height to one end
  • All worksurfaces with leather texture
  • Chilled glass drinks display fridge
  • Ice cream display fridge with sneeze guard and shelf.
  • Glass sneeze guard with stainless steel support at each end
  • 2 fluorescent strips as interior lighting

Contact: Hans Parker Tel 01225 783050
Email: hans@quickcrepes.com


  • VAT
  • Delivery to site
  • Re-branding
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