Mobile Juice Bar

ROKA has a full selection of mobile juice and coffee vending solutions. Whether you are looking for a trailer or kiosk to place in a city centre location or a trolley which you can push into place in a venue, we can manufacture , (and sometimes rent) you a product to suit your needs.

We work with all types of clients from start up businesses to huge multinational brands to produce all sorts of weird and wonderful units, from giant coffee cups and can shaped sampling units to fully functioning coffee bars which also happen to be mobile

Our ROKA trailers and Kiosks are designed and manufactured to your specifications, featuring your chosen equipment and branding. Like a temporary building, it can be equipped to prepare everything from juices and smoothies to fair-trade coffee and pastries

Our unique design and manufacturing teams have complete knowledge of planning regulations, as well as designing units which are both practical and stunning.

With its retro styling and sleek lines the ROKA Roadrunner is a versatile and appealing catering unit to suit a wide range of applications. The Roadrunner can be equipped with chilled & frozen storage, heated and chilled glass display cabinets, wash up and hand wash sinks, cooking and preparation appliances, and be tailored to suit your needs, and applied with your livery and graphics to give it an individual look.

ROKA is a German manufacturer of high quality catering, beverage and bar units.
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