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Catering - Kiosks
A Kiosk is essentially a semi permanent, non towable unit with roof cover.

Like a temporary building, it can be equipped to prepare, cook and serve anything from organic burgers to cous cous, a full fry up to a salad.

As part of the design for each of our units, we can provide and build-in electrical, lighting and water systems and countertop appliances including including; fridges, freezers, sinks, tabletop appliances, parasols, grills, griddles, bain maries, ovens, salamanders etc.

Each system can be designed with the application in mind, pieced together to suit your working practices and equipment.

Looks permanent
  Allows service on ground level  
  Room for equipment  
  Flexible exterior design  
  No weight restrictions  
  Low maintenance  
  Not towable  
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