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Case Study - Sampling Trailer
ROKA UK provided Britvic’s Live marketing agency KLP with their bespoke cylindrical trailer design for an innovative sampling campaign, across 34 supermarket locations, to promote the concept of hot Robinson’s squash.

Due to it’s unique compact design the unit only required a small footprint and was placed next to supermarket doorways, enabling sampling teams to get even closer to busy footfall areas.

The Design was built to KLP’s specification, standing four metres tall and bright orange in colour. The dramatic circular style was finished with a high quality vinyl wrap which carried Robinson’s branding and imagery. Inside, the unit was also fitted with three water boilers allowing sampling teams to hand out free samples for customers to taste.

Amy Andrews, account manager at KLP, commented: “The fact that customers were able to taste it, smell it and try it meant they got the concept.”
Unit Type:
Juice Cup
  Key Quality:
Striking Design
Easily Manoeuvred
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