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Case Study - Sampling Tour
ROKA worked with Bernard Matthews on a product sampling road show which took place between March and October.

The road show covered both summer events and shopping centres and required a self contained, custom built unit suitable for sampling hot pastries. The finished unit also included a hydraulics system allowing it to be lowered, putting staff at eye level with their public.

Applied graphics were also important in promoting the brand and ROKA work closely with Bernard Matthews.

The Events Manager for Bernard Matthews explained; “The tour is designed to target families and groups we have identified as our customers and will reach consumers when they are most likely to eat or buy pastries.

We are kicking off at the Great Outdoors Show and later going to Truckfests and various county shows, as well as targeted supermarket car park sampling.

This careful targeting comes as a development from last year’s campaign and what we found to be the most effective.”
Unit Type:
Catering Trailer
  Key Quality:
Served customers at eye-level
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